Third Eye Blind: The Neglected Ceiling


DR with painted ceiling

I am in “paint schedule hell” right now. Been doing five paint schedules for some rather large jobs the last two weeks. This is a document I give to the painters to ensure every surface gets treated accurately in a renovation. This isn’t an easy feat, not only are we picking wall colors that all need to coordinate, it’s trim, its closets, its casings, and the always neglected ceiling.

Why do builders, contractors, and clients just assume Ceiling White is the way to go? I have to pull the plug on that call way early in the game, and let me tell you painters hate me…I think I may drive them all to drink. But clients always love the result!

The beautiful ceiling. We lay on couches, beds, chairs…we play with kids on the floor, we do yoga, and lay down and pet our animals. We spend a lot of time looking up. Clients are apt to paint their baby’s room a fun color or pattern to excite them, but why must we all suffer with blah, blah, white?

Teen bedroomDesigned by: Artistic Designs for Living Photography by: John Hayes

Do you know there are a million shades of white? ( See previous DCD blog post…50 Shades of…White ) Whites all have cool or warm tones, yellows, blue, greys, pinks, etc. Why not pick up an accent from the furnishings or décor and pick a white in the same color family to complement? …or even better contrast?

So here are my Designer Ceiling Dos:

1) DO paint your ceiling a pink tone to reflect rosy skin tones in the Dining Room or Bathroom. This is great for entertaining areas.

2) DO paint your ceiling and crown molding the same color to have a cleaner more modern look.

Tone on tone foyerImage Source: Hello Metro

3) DO go crazy and paint your ceiling an accent color – you won’t regret it, it will accent your wallcovering, fabrics and décor.

Library with Purple ceilingDesigned by: Lizette Marie Interior Design  Photography by: David Duncan Livingston

4) DO use an eggshell or satin sheen on the ceiling to reflect light. (Caution – if you have a lot of imperfections – stick with flat, glosses show trouble spots)

5) DO pay the extra money to sand down that textured finish, a smooth finish is the way to go for a cleaner more modern look.

So that is paint effects, but what about other applications?? wood panels, wallcovering, metallic glazes, patterns. So many great options. If you are stumped, this is a great opportunity to engage a Designer. It’s worth the effort on a special space. You wouldn’t leave an entire wall blank, why a ceiling?

LoungeDesigned by: Atmosphere Design Photography: D&M Designs

Pick one great color that works throughout your house and use that as your ceiling color, or pick one room to do something entirely unique or special and make that a focal point.

So look up, and you will gain an “eye of insight” full of inspiration above you!\


Opening Image Source- Designed by: Lizette Marie Interior Design  Photography by: David Duncan Livingston


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