The Hostess With the Mostest….Cocktail Hour!

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Clink. Clink. Clink. It’s Cocktail Hour. And it’s time to get your drink on, whatever that may be. Parties are rolling, and the booze is flowing, and for some of us, that’s what gets us through this crazy season. Setting up the perfect bar is pretty fun and easy, but most importantly must be styled to perfection. Another design opportunity!

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And there is no better entertaining maven than my design partner, Linda Smith, of Blulens Design. She’s got some tips this Holiday season on setting up your festive holiday bar.

1) Always Have 5 Basic Liquors on Hand, they don’t need to be top shelf for mixing:

Vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, tequila are staples. Although interesting bottles help the décor. These are always nice host/hostess gifts.


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2) Mixers are a Must: cranberry juice, tonic, soda are the basic mixers, lemons/limes should be on hand. 

3) Use a Decanter – It presents beautifully, and according to the Riedel website, it is appropriate for young and old red wines to open up the bouquet of flavors. Plus it looks darn cool, don’t you agree?  

3) Have a Signature Drink For a Party. Why not explore those mixology books? Pinterest is a great place to find new cocktail recipes. Try something new!

BooksVegas Seven

4) It’s All About the Glassware. Use the right glass for the drink.  In Belgium, every type of beer is served in specific glasses. Plus, unique glasses make a statement, either for serving or displaying. Also, an iconic ice bucket. Thrift Shops and antique stores are great places to pick up a set. 

5) Keep Nuts and Chocolate at the Bar – to nibble on while mixing, for you and your guests. Always need food readily available for that neighbor or uncle who has one too many! 

6) Always Have Makers Mark, sip as needed! Or required! 

7) Lastly, Never Forget the Aftermath….a good Bloody Mary does the trick, or according to this website….Sprite…who knew? 

It’s important for the bar to be displayed in a lovely setting, mixed with art, objects, and of course on an interesting piece of furniture or bar cart. Even if you don’t have a dedicated bar set-up, you can create one with a few thoughtful pieces. Having this festive watering hole set-up and ready to go, makes for impromptu entertaining and get-togethers. It’s always a party if you are ready!

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For our followers with small children and teenagers, we know this may not be ideal, so when hosting a party, have the bar items together so you can pull out and lock away with ease, it will encourage you to entertain more often!

With all these parties, bar essentials make wonderful and interesting hostess gifts. A cool bottle opener, agate coasters and trays are hot right now, a bloody mary gift basket complete with seasoned pepper, Tabasco, and olives, or a unique smaller cutting board.  These are things you never would buy yourself, so help your friend out and stock the bar with decorative items.

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So party on! Linda and I wish you a festive and sparkling, and of course safe Holiday Season. Follow our advice and you will be the Hostess with the Mostest for sure!

 Bloody Mary Cocktail


Opening Image- Linda Smith’s holiday bar set up.

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