Summer Solstice Entertaining: Linda Style


As the summer solstice approaches, it’s time to plan out your entertaining opportunities before summer slips away. The kids are just out of school last week, yet 4th of July is right around the corner. To truly enjoy the moment, the best celebrations of summer are the impromptu kind, where the neighbors stop over for a cocktail, or you have a quick margarita night with girlfriends.

One thing I know my gal Linda (Linda Smith, Blulens Design) is good at is throwing together a quick fete. Me on the other hand, I have to think about, straighten my house, plan a menu, set the stage. Linda can make fun out of thin air, so I asked her what are her best tips for summer style this season.


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1. Set the Mood, Lights Out! Commercial Lights are all the rage, make sure they are black cords, not green or you will end up with a Christmas look. Candles, candles, candles. Real or flameless, sometimes that’s all you need. 

2. Old Fashioned Lawn Games are not just for children, have fun and bring out the Jarts! 

3. Choose your Summer Shoes Wisely – Wedges are great, they don’t sink in the grass or dirt depending on the weather. And it’s an easy way to dress up a pair of shorts, sundress, or even your bathing suit! 

4. Sunglasses are a Statement, You Better Believe It – don’t wear sunglasses on your head. But it’s OK to wear them at night for a coolness factor. Linda’s words: ”On your face, or in the case!” Save that expensive pair of Ray-Bans from the obstacles in your purse. 

5. Summer Music Must Be Portable. A Jambox is a quick and affordable way to port your favorite I-tunes playlist. 


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6. Be Ready for Drop In Guests: Make Disposables Look Chic. These Bamboo disposable are very cool, and sustainable. 

7. Check Out your Outdoor Furniture – Refresh! Cushions and wood furniture fades with the elements. Sun, rain, and humidity can damage even the most durable outdoor fabrics. Take a good look every season and update, refinish, or repair as necessary.

8. Spoil Yourself, cut flowers from your garden everyday

9. Be Out Front, Don’t Hide In the Backyard: “If You Start A Party, They Will Come”

10. Have a Signature Summer Cocktail – Linda and I both have our vices. Anything with bourbon is always on Linda’s list. I prefer refreshing and cool for summer. Pinterest can be a great place to source a new cocktail. Keep ingredients readily available and learn how to make one drink really well. If you don’t live close enough to walk home, always be ready to hit the “Uber” or “Lyft” app to gracefully, and safely, leave any party!  It’s cool to have a driver!

11. Quirky Garden Accessories Add Character – All those flea markets you are going to, pick up something unexpected to set the stage in your garden. It makes all the difference!

So happy entertaining. Enjoy the summer and try and stay in the moment. We all need a little summer fun right now!


 Here is Linda’s summer ride, her Vespa, if you see her about town, beep or say hi! 

Opening Image Source: Sweet Thing 


Arts and Crafts-BLULENS

Farmhouse Chic with a Touch of Sweet: Dawn Cook Design

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I would highlight two kitchen projects that Linda and I both recently completed. Both turned out fabulous and couldn’t be more uniquely different. One of our jobs as a Designer is to be a chameleon. We need to adapt to our client’s wishes and desires for their own home. But the best part is when we get to stretch those design beliefs into a new place and help them see a vision for the space that with professional help comes together into a fantastic finale.

Arts and Crafts-BLULENSLinda partnered perfectly with our clients from the beginning on this project. Picking gorgeously warm and masculine materials such as rainforest granite and slate ledger stones. As any custom kitchen should be, every cabinet detail was thought through to the smallest degree. The custom detailing on the header, the size and shape of the rails and stiles on the door fronts. These items say style without saying overstyled. Linda’s unique approach makes Arts and Crafts modern and eclectic with just the right amount of classic. That uber chic banquette gives the space a lounge effect, but still is comfortable for friends to relax at home. One of the signature features are custom pendants from our very own Cleveland Art. You may have seen Jason’s work at Burtnwood Tavern or Luxe over in Gordon Square. Nothing is better than featuring a local artist! We love adding that special touch to any design we are dreaming up. And our clients seem to like that too. In today’s desire for clean white modern kitchens, this warm masculine kitchen is a breath of fresh air, and allowed our clients to express their own personal style. This kitchen was designed by Linda Smith of Blulens Design.

Arts and Crafts-BLULENS

Arts and Crafts-BLULENS

Arts and Crafts-BLULENS

Arts and Crafts-BLULENS


Farmhouse Chic with a Touch of Sweet: Dawn Cook Design

My clients on this project were old college friends. Having know and loved this family for many years, it was easy to jump in and know exactly what they were looking for. Initially looking to update the kitchen, my client’s went full steam ahead and also did a major master suite renovation (more on that later). Anybody who knows my client, knows she could not be more beautiful inside and outside. She just is, so the space needed to reflect this. Combining smarts with some southern charm, this kitchen became a cool, clean, modern version of southern living. Yes, it is a white kitchen with stainless appliances, but we didn’t want to do the cookie cutter white kitchen so we added cool greys, and distressed warm blacks. Wide plank character hickory floors in an ebonized coffee color set the theme. Watery blue and warm taupe Brentano and Romo fabrics, and brushed nickel mod Currey and Co. and Circa Lighting, all inspired by the perfect Romo wallcovering for the Dining room helped the design take shape. We needed to add a mudroom space, so we truly touched every corner of this footprint, moving walls, moving the powder room, moving all the major appliances, and adding a banquette. Best part, it all looks like it belongs in this house. A bright, feminine space that looks exactly like our client! This kitchen was designed by Dawn Cook of Dawn Cook Design.

Farmhouse Chic with a Touch of Sweet: Dawn Cook Design

Farmhouse Chic with a Touch of Sweet: Dawn Cook Design Farmhouse Chic with a Touch of Sweet: Dawn Cook DesignFarmhouse Chic with a Touch of Sweet: Dawn Cook Design

Farmhouse Chic with a Touch of Sweet: Dawn Cook Design

Farmhouse Chic with a Touch of Sweet: Dawn Cook Design

Farmhouse Chic with a Touch of Sweet: Dawn Cook Design

Both kitchens and projects were managed by Todd Armfelt of Woodworks Designs. Linda and I collaborate with him a lot on our kitchen and bath projects. He has a team of professionals and a super cool custom cabinet shop! Todd epitomizes custom cabinetry and large scale renovation. We couldn’t have done it without him!

So as we all run out to grab ties, golf equipment, scotch, and fishing gear this week, think about the men in our lives. How does the space they live in reflect their style?


Photography by Linda Smith of Blulens Design


Front doorWhen was the last time you entered your front door? See what your guests see? Probably a long time ago given the long, long winter we just recovered from. But now that we are all set for summer entertaining, here are some ideas for a quick freshen to this important space. I see a lot of front doors going to visit potential clients. And yes, I check out your entry. Lots of times I see birds nests, cobwebs, and peeling paint.  And mind you my front entry looks the same way right now: my doorbell is broken, my steps need to be tuck-pointed, the whole Georgian façade needs to be rebuilt. These Cleveland winters take their toll. Go outside and take a look at your own entry. Your front entry is the first thing friends and family see upon visiting, so why not take the time to modernize this summer. It’s more than just planting the flowers and hanging the wreath.

Front entryvia 

Dawn’s Tips for a Front Door Freshen…… House Numbers: As someone who is always looking for an address, make sure you have BIG and BRIGHT house numbers. A good place to place them is under the light. Trying to find a house number in the dark is pretty treacherous at times. Bigger is always better when it comes to this design element. Things always look smaller from the street. There are some really cool websites for more modern house numbers, West on Letters, has many different styles, finishes, and fonts available. House Numbers

1 | 2

Light Fixtures: Again, give up those wimpy little lights, exterior sconces have come a long way, and there are styles from vintage, to modern, to traditional latern. One of my favorites is the phantom sconce from Boyd Lighting. Such a great look, because the light glows from within, no bulb glaring in your guest’s face. It’s always important to match the style of the light to the architecture of the home, but updating the look helps freshen. And lighting has definitely got bigger over the years. So go for it. Exterior lighting

1 | 2 | 3

Hardware: Door Knobs, Lock-Sets, Knockers, Door Bells. I am the first to admit, I hate doorware. Seriously consult an expert if replacing your exterior hardware. As beautiful as it is, especially on any vintage or original doors, getting the right fit, right lock-set, absolute right size can challenge anyone’s knowledge so consult an expert. Beautiful hardware fixtures add class and style to your front door. Websites like Rejuvenation and architecture salvage places have excellent collections of these pieces – Happy Picking! Exterior hardware

 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Color: Putting together an exterior paint scheme is not as easy as it looks. Colors have to look right at different times of day, different seasons, against different plantings, stone detailing.  I often find whites looking dirty in the winter against all the snow. Even if you have a good painter, depending how much Western sun your house gets, painting and staining needs to be kept up with. And as much as  everyone loves a red door, there are so many other colors to chose from. A super glossy black, aubergine, brilliant lemon yellow can all look fabulous mixed with the right field color on the house or trim. It’s worth the expense to pay a professional for a paint consult. Front door

 1 | 2 | 3

As you get outside and plant those urns, and spruce up the yard, take a good look at your front door and you’ll be all set to welcome summer guests in no time! Opening Image Photo Credit


Lilies and Lilacs: More Garden Obsessions


A few days ago, I took a walk and snapped a pic of Lilies of the Valley and posted it to Instagram. I was so floored by how many comments came back with “My favorite, they remind me of my mom or grandma…” My kids favorite first grade teacher, who is a master gardener,  commented that these are her absolute favorite as well. What is it about these little peepers that evoke so much emotion?

For me it’s lilacs; the color, heavy fragrance. Maybe I am a romantic at heart. One of the best things about living in northeast Ohio is the charm of this beautiful bush.  I constantly hear from Southerners and Snowbirds that this is one garden essential they miss.

Room shotDesigned by Leivars

When we moved into our house many years ago, I contacted the Lilac Society  on how to trim, maintain, and care for our garden lovely. It’s struggled over the years, but even a few blooms annually are worth it. My plant has light lavender blooms, while Linda’s garden has the deep saturated violet hues. Probably the most fragrant of them all!

Both of these flowers may make us think of tea and crumpets, and fussy English gardens, but these flowers and in color combination can work in any modern décor today. And various mixes of these colors too. As we continue on in the year of “Radiant Orchid”, mixing white and shades of greyish purple can be fresh and completely modern.

Room shotDesigned by Bill Bocken 

I’ve posted about visiting the lavender farm before, click here to read more. I don’t know what it is about shades of purple from the garden: periwinkle, delphinium, lilac, lavender, even wisteria, are certainly my favorite.  To see some truly spectacular lilacs in display, visit the Holden Arboretum this week to view their Lilac Collection, it’s breathtaking! So I have shared with you, now tell me what’s your favorite garden bloom?


Dawn, Brian, and baby Cooper, at Holden Arboretum May 2003

Opening Image Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4




As I contemplated what to write this week in honor of Mother’s Day, I spent a lot of time filtering through old pictures. Pictures of my Mom and me, me with the kids when they were babies, family pictures, my Grandmothers. Linda and Sadie did the same to. It’s funny to see the different eras our lives span. Linda’s classic photo with her Mom in her mid-century Easter dress, Me with my Mom and my brother with our Kmart special photo shoot (because that’s what they used to do!), and Sadie with her super cute pics that have that ‘90’s look going. It made me quite nostalgic, and really hearing everyone say “kids grow up in a blink of an eye”, its so true.


Dawn with her Mom and brother, Sophie, & Cooper at various ages

As I think about those different generations, things were so different. Kids didn’t have the activities they have now, the sports, and sports and more sports. I think I didn’t live that kind of schedule until high school and college. Even now, Sadie and Cooper can talk the same lingo about soccer and ski club because their lives overlap! When I was young, I was a latch key kid at 9 years old, and came home everyday to a few hours of TV. I feel like I may have played one sport, in the summer, maybe.

Now, I can’t stand the Month of May. Trying to manage the schedule between games, practices, rehearsals, performances, try-outs, band concerts, first communions, and graduations is mind-boggling. The phrase, “It Takes a Village” is epic – and certainly true, thank you former first lady and first mom, Hilary Clinton. I wouldn’t be able to survive my crazy work schedule, and the kid schedule without Brian’s help and all the carpools we have going.


Linda with her Mom, and daughters, Cori and Taylor

But truly, Mother’s Day is everyday. Our kids need to remember that, and so do we. A therapist once said to me, “You truly can’t understand a situation until you have experienced it yourself.” You can try to be compassionate, empathetic, but to truly live it, that is understanding. Friends that have lost Mothers understand this; I see the look that passes between two people who share this sadness. Just like I can know someone who has had a major health scare, we get each other. As Moms, we all know where our Mothers were, either doing a good job, or failing miserably, we all get it. We are both of those mothers now occasionally.


Sadie at various stages of young cuteness with her Mom and sisters

If anything, thank your Mom for her good taste or her best effort, or that she has helped you set your own compass forward with your parenting style. Most importantly, honor yourself this Mother’s Day. Whether you are a mom of kids, pets, “husbands”, friends. or even your own parents,  we all do our best and truly, isn’t that all that matters?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! From our team, Dawn, Linda & Sadie


Spring Blooms in the Garden: Reap the Rewards

Garden flowers

Every Fall, I make time to plant Spring bulbs. Whether it’s a beautiful fall day or a freezing November one, I make an effort to get them in. I do this because I know how satisfied I will feel come April and May the following Spring. We have lived in our house for 17 years. One of the reasons that makes it hard to consider leaving is the amount of love Brian and I have put into this garden. As I said in a previous post, for 6 years before we had kids I had dreams about this garden and all the things I could do. With a western exposure, the front bed is perfect for perennials and sunny annuals. But the spring bulbs are the best! Here are some tips from my efforts over the years.

Flowers and tool wall

Dawn’s Spring flower garden and a cool use of an old pallet

Daffodils come up every year and naturalize (spread). This is a good thing! I planted a ton many years ago and still see the results. Only words of wisdom, when the blooms fade do not cut back the leaves, tie-back the stems with a leaf, raffia, or rubber bands, and wait until the leaves brown out and die back, this feeds the bulb for the next year. The one time I did shear back the leaves in haste I got very little blooms the next Spring.

Tulips have to be planted fresh every Fall. Many people think tulips are perennials. Most are not. It’s a one show wonder for most. While there are a few varieties that will come back, I have never found them to be successful or all that pretty. The prettiest varieties last for one season. Dig them up when you plant your annuals and start over in the fall. And don’t forget the Bulb-Booster fertilizer, it makes a big difference.

Quantity equals loveliness. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it says to plant them 6 inches apart, 8 inches deep. Whatever. I dig a giant trough and put 50 into it. My kids are awesome bulb planters. They know the drill. Make sure the bulbs face the right direction, pointy part up. There is nothing worse than seeing 10 tulips a foot apart. You need to think en masse, its so worth it!

Timing is everything, spread out the season. Make an effort to read the labels that say “Early”, “Mid”, and “Late” Spring Blooms. It’s true! The minute one starts fading, the next come up. It’s such a great show over a 2-month timeframe. There is nothing more disappointing than an “all and done” garden.

Variety is key. There are so many other bulbs other than tulips and daffodils. Snowdrops, crocus, allium, hyacinth. Varying the height of the blooms makes a gorgeous picture. And remember not all these bulbs have scent. But some are just so powerful, like hyacinth, they shadow the rest. If you want to smell Spring, you have to plan for it correctly. It’s like painting a picture, layers are key.

Flowers in front yard

Flowers with house

A varied showing of Spring blooms in Dawn’s garden

I’m no expert, but I enjoy gardening quite a bit and feel that over the years I  have learned some lessons. And since the garden is part of the house, I make sure mine looks just as finished and decorative as the rest of our home. So as you enjoy the Spring, make some notes, and take some pictures of ideas to remember come Fall. It will be here soon enough.


Sophie and Esme Carroll in the garden

If you want more tips or inspiration, one of my favorite gardening blogs is Gardenista, check it out! Also, for authentic bulbs from the Netherlands, the best supplier is Van Engelen, a great catalog, and even more beautiful flowers.

Happy Gardening, Dawn


Pink outdoor

Thank God it’s here. Spring. Time to get outside. Celebrate Earth Day. Clean up those yards, ready the porch for summer entertaining. Every season, the outdoor space becomes more like an indoor room, complete with rugs, lighting, plush fabrics, and accessories. This season is no exception with even more exquisite options for you to choose from. I handpicked some of my favorites from this year’s offerings. Take another look at your furnishings as you pull them out and set up the patio, and freshen things up  with my picks for  this year.

Dawn's Outdoor Living Picks


Furniture: Furniture is all about conversation, circulating, and comfort. Of course I love the high-end McGuire pieces like this back-to-back bench (#5).  McGuire is the epitome of well-made durable furnishings that work indoor or out. Made of rattan, and other natural materials, McGuire is not your Mother’s wicker. McGuire has hip artisan Designers that have created some stellar designs. On the more reasonable side, this West Elm sofa (#7) is a great mid-century design and can garner the same look for less.

Accent Pieces: Outdoor spaces need to be decked out just like the living room so side tables and funky cocktail tables are just as important. You need a place to put those drinks down right? Check out this super cool cement resin garden stool (#2) that has natural leaf imprints in it. It looks heavy but is easily moved around and lifted. Perfect for a pool party, or late night fete.

Lighting: There is more to lighting than candles when it comes to outdoor décor. And you don’t need those big palm frond ceiling fans either. When it comes to outdoor lighting, as long as the fixture is rated for a wet location, anything goes. Especially in a covered area. Pick something you like, but be cognizant of natural material like silk, cotton, or wool, those will not survive the elements. There is really cool lighting out there now, love these fixture from Dwell Studio (#3). Elegant or reclaimed materials make a statement!

Fabrics, Panels, and Rugs: Solution-dyed acrylics are the core to good outdoor fabrics. They will survive the elements. You can bleach them and hose them down. Available in an array of colors and prints  you can step away from the limited stripes and solids on cushions. We saw a beautiful presentation from Perennials this week (#8 & #9). Loved the soft outdoor rugs, gorgeous prints, and chenilles and velvets. Who would have thought we could have this luxury outside?

Accessories: I’ve always been a gardener. Before I had kids I would dream about planting flowers and sprucing up the garden in the Spring. So I am partial to these lovely accessories from Anthropologie Terrain, and La Crosse.  Love the colorful wind chimes, the leather planter, rain measure, mid-century terrarium, and alphabet birdhouses (#1,#4, #6, #11, & #12).  Adding a little whimsy adds comfort and chic to your outdoor design. Stylish throws and fire pits, like this one from Restoration Hardware (#10), help keep us warm so get outside now and enjoy some fresh air even with the cooler nights.

Patio Living has come a long way. Try some of my picks to freshen your space, I know I will, then you will be fit for Spring in no time!

Cozy corner

1- Tea Flower Wind Chimes from Anthropologie $68.00

2- Concrete Side Table from McGuire $1,440.00

3- Indoor/Outdoor chandelier from Dwell Studio $1,920.00

4- Birdhouse from Anthropologie $98.00

5- Back to Back Bench from McGuire $2,399.00

6- Picture Frame Terrarium Terrain $198.00

7- Huron Sofa from West Elm $1,399.00

8- Outdoor Rug Crescendo Grey Matter from Perennials

9- Outdoor Fabric Odyssey/Melon from Perennials

10- Concrete Firepit from Restoration Hardware $1,795.00

11- Rain Gauge La Crosse $8.95

12- Leather Latched Wall Lantern Anthropolgie $58.00


1st Image via, 3rd image via


Picture Perfect: Arranging Art and Photography

Blue sofa with gallery aboveLinda Smith of Blulens Design and Photography, has a critical eye for art and photography in a design space. Knowing her talent for many years now, my family thinks of her as our own personal paparazzi. With her professional family photos every year, you can imagine we have a multitude of good photos around the house. I am always aware of photography when I walk into a client’s home. It adds a personal element and tells a lot about what clients enjoy, what they hold dear, where they have been in the world.  Sometimes, not so great photos make it into a space, and sometimes, really dated photos hang around way longer than necessary. With the digital age, it is harder to take the extra step and get the special ones printed for viewing.

Gallery WallMelanie Acevedo

Kitchen artA.K Studio 

Photos need to mix well with artwork, and color always has to be considered. All black and whites? Interesting frames? Interesting mat colors or shapes? Hanging a photo gallery is no easy task and it’s always better to consult an expert. Don’t try to hang art on a staircase by yourself, the angle, slope, and “weight” of the art, including the projection of the framing is all important to consider. There has not been a time when we have consulted on  “picture-hangering” and a client has not said that is the best hour or two of well-spent money. The right height, spacing, etc is all very important when hanging art. Negative space is as important as the actual pieces themselves. Hanging or rearranging the art you have is a quick, inexpensive make-over to any space. And here’s a tip, I’m not even that particular about the frames. Mixing up different frames can have a nice eclectic effect in the design.

Art in the officeSolid Frog

As I look around my own house of photos there are easy fixes: Remember sometimes less is more, and too many is just too many. Pick your favorites, in either black and white or color, and rotate them in their frames. Place all the frames in a grouping, thus making for a big impact in one location. Another idea is to arrange them within bookshelves mixed with other objects. If you have a lot to display, go big and dominate an entire wall in the same framing. A commonality needs to pull the pieces together, either in color, shape, theme, design, or size.

Blue ceilingLa Dolce Vita

An important fact, try and update framed photos (especially of children) every two years. Yes you want cute baby pictures, but kids change so fast. Yes, a professional photographer is great, but don’t hesitate to mix in candids, landscapes, travel related pics or just interesting snaps. With all the photography apps and filters these days, any photo can look fabulous.

Art in bathroomDesign Sponge

Linda has some more important advice when it comes to hanging art and photography:

Art does not need to “match” the room. Use art with perspective to offer depth to a room, especially in a small space. Rotate art and photographs often. This gives the space visual interest and can make you feel a feeling of freshness. Hang art in unexpected places, under an open legged table, inside a closet or cabinet and don’t forget the bathroom, Hang low or propped on a long console, lean inside bookshelves, or hang right over top a stack of books. Fill small spaces – go floor to ceiling, use either very similar pieces or extremely different. Be thoughtful about mat color and frame, these  shouldn’t overwhelm the actual piece or photo. 

Styled shelvingDesign Sponge

Being thoughtful with how your photos and art are arranged can really jazz up a space and give it character and personality. You will be picture perfect in no time.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Linda’s Blulens Design is posting thirty days of original blue photography on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Photos are tagged with the following…#blulensphotography #blueforautism, #30daysofblue, #thecolorthatchangedtheworld, #takingflight, #autismawarenessmonth. Check our her amazing photos!

For more inspirational thoughts on the color blue, check out my post…”Blue-Who…Fighting the Birthday Blues


Opening image by Emily Henderson


Fickle Fashion: Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

Pastel girlsThis has been a tough winter….it’s still snowing on March 24th, yet the calendar stays it’s Spring! As it seems everyone is either on Spring Break, or preparing to head to warmer climates, we thought we would be nice to spice things up by highlighting some of our favorite fashion trends this season. The stores were jammed this weekend as everyone attempted to lighten their wardrobes with brighter colors, florals, hot oranges, and interesting textures. As always, fashion and interior design go hand and hand, so watch for these trends to not only be on the runway, but in your living room as well!

Orange1 | 2 | 3

I tried this orange lipstick. The yellow base is not so great on my olive complexion, but, if I consult my expert Bobbi Brown make-up consultant, Jane Penny, she would tell me to try one that has a bluer base. My hubby Brian, looks great in orange. Same goes for the home, a pop of orange adds a little wow to any room. I’m ready to go buy some orange ranunculus or tulips and add some orange accents to my home.

Floral1 | 2 | 3

Florals are always part of Spring fashion, but this year, they are out in full force. Definitely a feminine and girly vibe, this trend is more sophisticated and mature this season.



1 | 2 | 3

We love this trend! Fringe is on everything from stilettos to upholstery pieces. Not to mentions skirts, jackets, and bags. I don’t know if it’s a little “American Hustle” influence or #throwbackthursday images that flash across our social media but fringe is all the rage.

Embellished1 | 2 | 3

This is not brought to you by Bedazzler! Embellished accessories in fashion or interiors show a worldly culture, a handmade effect, a level of handcrafted attention to detail that shows exquisite expertise and usually expense. It’s the opposite of the sleek, cleaned up look that has been all over the place. We still love beautiful embellished textiles – always!


Pastels1 | 2 | 3

Whether it’s Spring or Easter, last years neon has softened to a pastel version that shows up in many unexpected places from sporty clothing to lighting. We think pastels will be big multi-seasonal trend this year.

Eyelet and Sheer

1 | 2 | 3

And probably the biggest trend is the sheer, eyelet, caged effect. Fabric is being constructed differently, with an open weave that adds again a global effect to design. White, white, white is still big, so why not make it sheer as well?! We all crave this lightness, airiness after the harsh winter months. In our closets and in our homes. My favorite interpretation of this trend is the caged shoe. And also gorgeous window panels that are a textured sheer. Who needs all that heavy drapery?

So let’s lighten and brighten for the season and welcome Spring!

Thanks to Sadie Kuncel, our resident fashionista, for scoping out these hot spring fashions! 

Opening Image Source: Le Catch


Cat and Shamrock

It’s not the luck of the Irish we need. It’s a greener lifestyle. We are constantly bombarded with options for greener living today. The color green has been popular in Design for many years now, influenced by the movement toward a healthier way of life, a purer existence, a cleaner way of living.  It can all be very confusing, but we do the best we can!

Green design has exploded over the years with products with low VOC paints and wallcoverings, energy saving appliances and lighting, and zero carbon footprint carpets. There’s up-cycled, recycled, and repurposed as design options. Many great sustainable and beautiful products with more and more options exist. It’s almost becoming a requirement to be LEED certified as a Designer in some markets. I continually tell clients that these products are usually more than the less environmentally friendly products. It’s more work, and more expensive to bring these exciting products to market, but worth it in the end.

LR and Fashion1 | 2

Emerald Green was all the rage last year, as the Pantone color of the year, (see “Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City -Part I“). We were flooded with images of green used in new and exciting ways in the home. Where green was always considered taboo in the kitchen, associated with rotting food, it’s now a fresh alternative and linked to the healthiest food options with power packing kale, spinach, and other “farm to table” selections that are so good for us.

Green and LR1 | 2

Green is associated with nature and the color of Spring which we all so crave at this point in the year, When we use green inside, it brings the outdoors in, and we all love and need some organic qualities in our homes.  Green brings us piece of mind, peace in our hearts (the color of the heart chakra), and a quite place to regroup and find our happy (and lucky!) place in our homes.

For more thoughts on the color green, see blog posts: Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City -Part IFeeling Lucky?…Don’t Take a Chance on Design, Emerald Green Part II: Celebrating Earth Day and Green Design and my Pinterest Boards Color of the Year-Green, and Greener Living


Opening Image Source: 1 | 2