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Yep it’s up. And we didn’t have the annual Christmas tree argument. I think after 17 years of marriage we have perfected the process. Every year either between the selection, transportation, or installation, someone loses it. But now that the children are older, it helps buffer the angst. Cooper essentially manages the procurement and installation process, and Sophie and I handle the decorating. And let me tell you, that little kid is magic at untangling lights!

Lit up christmas treeInstagram @jaywily

Every year I have friends that go to the Sugargrove Tree Farm, harvest the ideal tree, make a lovely family event out of it. My other friend has collected numerous perfect family photos from “the event” while at the nursery making the selection….OK, whatever. I know you are all having family arguments too behind the scenes. At this point in the year, with two Sagittarius birthdays in the mix, I am all about efficiency!

Christmas tree farmInstagram @fuke88

Let’s face it this time of year is stressful, between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday  Cyber Monday, Xmas cards, that damn Elf on a Shelf, gifts, donations, and all the entertaining and décor, how can one come out the other side unscathed? It’s almost impossible.

Large christmas treeInstagram @halloweencarols

I think it’s a little magic. One, it’s focusing on as Linda says “The One Thing” to do well. Have the best Xmas card, or the stellar cookie recipe, or the cutest wrapped presents. But seriously, even the best of us can’t do it all. And take pause to focus on “The Little Thing” too. Brian and I commented how into Christmas Sophie is this year. More than ever! At 8, you would think her suspect would be up, but she was talking about going for a ride on the Polar Express just yesterday. I will remember this because this moment will be gone in the blink of an eye.

X-mas tree covered in snowInstagram @kristen_lissette

So back to the tree. Over the years, my Mom has gifted me with many beautiful ornaments. Over the years, the cats have run up the trees and crashed them down and broke many of those beautiful ornaments. But seriously, these ornaments collected over the years hold much significance and memory. But being the Designer, I am always interested in shaking it up a bit…quite literally.

Tree on wallInstagram @theperthian

But moving against tradition is hard. When I announced that I wanted to put a different garland on the tree, Sophie stomped off in a huff. Recently, at the Entertaining by Design Event, one woman told me, every two years she donates her tree décor and does a new concept! Wow, that is a fun idea.

Christmas Tree

Cook Family Tree, 2013

This year, I added in more organic elements, burlap ribbon, natural plaid ribbon (see Mad for Plaid), and ornaments that had a nature theme, like owls and birds. To top it off, I added dried hydrangea from my yard this summer throughout. Top tips for making it work in your home –Reflect it back to the Room Décor in color or texture, I use a lot of roses and golds, because those colors are in my Living Room. Keep it Simple, there is nothing like an overly decorated tree. This is a prime example of less is more. Not all the ornaments have to go on every year, rotate them to keep things fresh.

Christmas tree

Cook Family Tree, 2013

So relish your traditions, but freshen up that tree, we need a little Christmas, right now!

Christmas tree

Cook Family Tree, 2013


Opening image: Instagram @hsimmons09

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