Navigating Neon: Hot Summer Trend

Neon Pink Coffee Table

When I was a little kid, My Mom worked at the DayGlo Corporation based here in Cleveland, Ohio. I was always fascinated with the brightly colored trinkets she would bring home. Later, when I graduated from High School, I sported a brightly colored Neon pink and yellow “Class of 1987” sweatshirt, I treasured proudly. (I think it is still in a box somewhere….yes, I am a horder)

Now, you can’t go the gym without seeing brightly colored tennis shoes and Lulu Lemon tops. And these aren’t just bright, they are shocking pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, and greens. While it’s fun to look at, it certainly isn’t appealing on every body part. Just like the Emerald Green post, this color trend isn’t for everyone. Even walking through Nordstrom’s the other day, the mannequins in the high-end department were all painted Neon colors – sorry Nordstrom’s we know you are with it, but I don’t want my Designer clothing crossed with the Blue Man Group!

Front door and shoe


But how does Neon work? We all know this trend will be out the door in no time. And we all love summer brights – it’s a fun splurge for jewelry, shoes, and totes for sure. And don’t forget those cool and warm tones, those apply to neon as well. It’s all about the mix. Regarding the tones, I can’t pull off yellow-green, it makes me look ill. I am better with the hot pinks and reds.Pick your poison!

Skirt and bags


On to our homes – definitely fun, but let’s not make a big investment here. A fun painted door, a cute flea market find desk, a kid’s room chandelier. Or some patio dishes! Truly, used sparely it will be that pop of color that you are looking for. But the best way to play it is to always mix it with neutrals – black, white, charcoal, grey or taupe. You can’t mix too much else in, this truly is the statement in the room!

Desk and skirt


So enjoy the summer heat, add some hot color too, and you will be navigating neon like a pro! So tell me, are you brave enough to give it a splash?

Neon bedroomImage Source: Elle Blogg

Opening Image Source: Design Sponge

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