Mellow Yellow: French Living Through the Tour de France

Sunflowers and bikers

I have always loved everything French. French décor, French wine, French living. This week I was with a road biking-obsessed friend who spent some time explaining the Tour de France to me. While it all looked so intriguing and athletic, I was gripped by the gorgeous French countryside, scenery, and choreography of the event. (For you biker aficionados we were watching the team time trials in Nice). Oh and of course, the yellow jersey…while that color and role has been tainted by all the rhetoric around the famous Lance, it is still so powerful and quite an honor to obtain.

French Shot 3Image Source: Cote de Texas

I have a yellow living room. With some country french décor – that I still like – a lot. But I always think of how I can take it to the next level of design and modernize the color and décor a bit. So Linda and I played around with it and omphed it up a bit this week. Hung some modern art, changed some of the accessories.

Great Room

Designed by: PPDS Design + Interiors

But the ideal would be to execute one of these amazing yellow designs! Still a little fussy French, still a little mellow yellow. Mixed with stark white, shades of grey, charcoal or black. More modern lines would change the flavor significantly. Someday!

Chair in DRDesigned by: Abode Interiors

What makes French Design so appealing?…the intrigue of Versaille and the Hall of Mirrors, the classic Fauteuil chair, the Rococo silks and damasks that remind us of Marie Antoinette. (An amazing movie of rich French eye candy of scenery and fashion, a must see) Even this fancy, overdecorated look can be executed with a modern flair. And yellow will always be in fashion for French style. Even today, fashion forward design still dominates in this cosmopolitan city of glamour and culture. A continual influence on our interior design aesthetic. Just recently we saw the Christian LaCroix collection for Designers Guild..magnifique!



Designed by: Christan Lacroix Image Source: Fiercer than you

“The Tour” as bikers call it, will be on for a few more weeks, so make sure you check it out, eve just to appreciate the sheer athletic prowess of these riders, but also to catch some amazing shots of the French countryside and a little yellow power along the way.

Biking ShotImage Source: Bike Radar

C’est La Vie!

Dedicated to Scott Smith’s bike no more, may a new one be in your future soon!

WineImage Source: Kimber Lane

  Opening Image Source: Clipzine

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