Lavender Dream: Our Visit to the Farm

Lavender Lust-Colleen Cleveland Photography

Many years ago, Brian and I took a trip to the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington. We visited a little town called Sequim. A perfect place in the shadow of the mountains that was ideal for lavender growing. Purple Haze Lavender Farm was the most peaceful place in the world. While I have never visited the lavender fields in Provence (although Rachel brought me home some), I have to believe it was a similar experience. Waves of lavender bloom, buzzing bees, and the most magnificent fragrance assaulting the senses. It was a relaxing and complete zen experience! Some of these images are from a photographer, Colleen Cleveland, whom we met among the blooms.

Lavender Lust-Colleen Cleveland PhotographyPhotography by: Colleen Cleveland Photography

Every Saturday at the North Union Farmers Market here in Shaker Heights, Daybreak Lavender Farm hocks their homemade concoctions of lavender scrubs, oils, lotions and potions. This farm is just down the street in Streetsboro, Ohio. So today the Cooks decided to take a visit. And it was just as memorable as my first visit to a lavender farm all those years ago. The kids ran around the grids of lavender bushes, we picked blossoms, and then we laid in the field and just…. breathed. It was lovely. We trekked around the fields, pond, and paths on the property and just enjoyed the moment. There were even exotic chickens hanging out in the adjacent yard. We smelled all the candles, crèmes, and culinary delectables and then we were on our way.

With the blooms only lasting a few more days in this part of the world, it was great to fit it in this summer for a mini moment.

SophieSophie Cook at DayBreak Farms, Summer 2013

I’ve had a passion for lavender my whole life.  My Mom and I used to always make floral arrangements for fun, and visited the The Village Herb Shop in Chagrin Falls to stock up on it. I always drag Brian to herb farms to seek it out. Despite the medicinal and relaxation qualities, it just works for me, soothing, calming…it must be a natural ying to my crazy Type A yang.

Sophie 2Sophie Cook at DayBreak Farms, Summer 2013

So how does this romantic herb and sedate purple fit into our decor? Calmly, casually, and with many shades of grey mixed in. You can’t overdo it, or it gets to be too much. Muddied down with tones of grey, it is sophisticated beyond belief. I designed a great room for a family with twin boys: Greys, Lavender, Chocolate, and Walnut. It was masculine indeed. Another client has a super elegant modern living room with lavender grey sectionals. Hot! Too much of a good thing can throw you back into the Victorian age, so don’t over do it though. It looks great mixed with persimmon, or cerulean blue, or even citrine. But definitely in moderation.

Room ShotDesigned by: Traci Connell Interiors

As far as displaying the herb, it’s always going to have a Country French effect, but if you love it like I do, put it out and let this magical herb do its trick. Here are the efforts of our day displayed on my dresser. I know I will go to bed a lot happier tonight.

NightstandMy dresser filled with Sunday’s treasures

Visit Daybreak Lavender Farm at www.daybreak. Time is running out!

Bundled Lavender Bundled lavender and other flowers we found on our visit

Opening Image Photography by: Colleen Cleveland Photography, specializing in modern and vintage ambient light portraiture

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