I {Heart} Cleveland – Reclaimed Style

Reclaimed Cle stamp

Recently, I had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of Deej Lincoln, President of Reclaimed Cleveland. While this company has evolved over the years, their mission is strong and oh so important to the redevelopment of our lovely city.

From their website, www.reclaimedcleveland.com, states:

Reclaimed Cleveland is a retail and custom furnishings company, which re-purposes local materials that would otherwise be bound for disposal. The goal of the company is to serve Cleveland’s progression into a sustainable 21st century, while preserving its history in heirloom quality furniture.

Well how cool it that. Clearly, one man’s trash is another Designer’s treasure. Deej and company salvage old hardwood timber from homes, schools, factories that are slated for demolition and upcycle then into objects of beauty. With skill and craftsmanship, they know what they are doing too.

Wood locations

Located in the hip Tyler Village commercial development in the rebounding Superior/St. Clair neighborhood, This is where it is at. Hosting the Cleveland Flea, a monthly market of upcycled finds, this neighborhood is hot. Truly earning the name “Rustbelt Chic”, this community eludes what this new Cleveland book is all about. It’s cool to live in Cleveland, and hey if your from here, own it!

Outdoor Shot

From Burning Riverfest, Made in the 216 artisans, to an unbelievable foodie network of chefs, it’s a great place to live, work, and play….OK, so I digressed….

Reclaimed Cleveland runs it saws and does their thing all right there where it is happening in town, and my client and I got a personal tour by Deej himself who lives and breathes what I wrote above.

Factory ShotClamps

From super cool foundry pieces from old factories to planks upon planks of gorgeous wood, it’s truly a Designer’s dream to imagine what can be done. And the best part, is each finished piece is stamped with the origin of the harvested wood. It seriously is like being a kid in a candy store, limited only by our imaginations.

Foundary and planks

With light reflecting from the Lake, and sawdust in the air, we created a custom kitchen table: whitewashed wood planks, that look worn and used, buffed to a functional polish, and painted refashioned foundry pieces used as pedestal bases to give it a more eclectic look.  I am so happy my new to Cleveland clients get this custom piece of Cleveland to add to their collection of furnishings!

Client Table Install

These guys are growing, and its rewarding to be part of the process. You’ve probably eaten on their tables in restaurants, and shopped from fixtures in your favorite retail establishment. And while Restoration Hardware can mass-produce a reclaimed look, why not order up an original, from your hometown nonetheless?

So even if this isn’t your look, the whole industrial thing, it’s in, it’s hot and it’s not going away. So mix it up and mix it in. Be a part of the process. Shop local, and our Green City on a Blue Lake will be better than ever.


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