How Do You Get Your Sparkle On? Happy 4th!

Sparkle Restaurant DecorationIn ancient mythology, dragons are attracted to sparkly things, like gems and diamonds. It’s often lauded as their Achilles heel – a point of weakness. And like a moth to a flame, I have had women clients who get a little glassy-eyed over a shiny light fixture, a mirrored console table or a Lucite chair. Why are we attracted to things that glitter and shine?

My little Sophie has always had an eye for the shine, she recently came home from camp with this little piece of art.

Sophie Cat ArtSophie Cook, Summer 2013

Reflective surfaces are expected in a shiny kitchen, or gleaming bath. All that glass, polished nickel and stainless steel are big sparklers. But there are many ways to get your shine on. I call it the jewelry in the room, the hardware, lighting and accents, even wall covering as shown below.  It’s the final stuff that we bejewel ourselves with as we walk out the door, and finish up our room décor.

Mirrored ConsoleImage Source: Phillip Jeffries

LuciteImage Source: The Stir

A lot of clients cut this final step. They are done after they have bought the furniture, rugs, and lights. But wouldn’t you feel naked if you went to the ball without a little glamour on?  It’s the last little push that gives a room the wow factor.

Sparkling lightsImage Source: The Stir

So like the magic of a firefly or the sizzle of a sparkler on a warm summer night – big or small, get a little sparkle on and finish your design!

Cooper with SparklerCooper Cook, Summer 2011

Opening Image Source: This Architecture

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