Going on a Man Hunt: Showing your Masculine Side

BedroomYes, I’m a Daddy’s Girl. I love my Dad. We are very much alike, Type A, assertive, OCD, and the like. My Dad is the quintessential good guy, Italian father. Where he can be a hot-headed Soprano mess, he also is the most generous and charismatic guy I know. And he’s totally into “manly” things…a candy apple red Porche, a fly-fishing retreat in Lake Chautauqua….. I could bury him in his vintage Car and Driver magazines and fishing paraphernalia.

In honor of our Dads, let’s think about how we can incorporate some masculinity into our design. Now it’s not all man caves, TVs, and black leather. You would be surprised how many clients crave a more refined version of this design. Rich tones, warm earthy textures, crisp woods mixed with cool stones. Clients ask for the colors of slate, and articulate a more masculine approach to their design. Even women prefer this, not all are frilly, sparkly creatures.

Striped ChairImage Source: Dunlap Design Group

So how to be a man in design? Its present in paint colors, the mixing of ambers, flannels, and cognac. It’s in the fabrics chosen, woolen pinstripes, houndstooth, buttery leather and plaid. In the lighting, chrome and steel structures that exude power, strength, and masculinity. These may be male stereotypes, but they are present today in design in a big way.

OfficeDesigned by: Jeffers Design Group

Many of you probably believe that Design is a woman’s world. I say no way. My clientele is decidedly male. They call me, we get along, and I shop with them for an hour selecting the perfect chair to settle down with a scotch and cigar at the end of a long day.

I also work with a high-end custom home builder, who happens to build a fine home. And I would say that his very beautiful homes are filled with masculine design. From the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, to the custom wrought iron railings, and the Cosmic Black granite countertops, the absolute gorgeous millwork in these homes sell his houses. Filled with iconic masculinity.

Kitchen with Black Granite

So even though we are all cool, and neutral, and clean, and open spaces these days, many still prefer the rich warmth, the comfort, the power, the assurance of masculine design…maybe a little reminder of dear old Dad?

Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads!

Dawn and DadPhotography: Linda Smith of Blulens Design

Opening Image Source: Faith Cosgrove

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