50 Shades of…White?


So let’s admit it, we all read it. It was…interesting. And yes it was all about grey. Well, and red (my favorite color!) But for now it’s all about the color white. White walls, white kitchens, white bathrooms, white bedding, and yes white furniture and window treatments. What’s the appeal? Other than that the lovely snow will soon be flying, it’s all about the clean, classic about a clean blank slate. Your art and accessories pop against a great white wall; your kitchen feels clean with sparkling white cabinets. Also, materials have come along way so white Sunbrella fabric can actually be bleached and white contract grade fabric looks like silk and wool on windows, framing simple, beautiful vistas.

But there are a few rules I must point out when using white. It’s all about the mix and the textures. And selecting the right white. No builder’s white or ceiling white. So many great whites out there, old standbys: Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa or Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover are my favorites. Keep in mind, warm and cool undertones, and what kind of natural and ambient lighting exists in the space. And what else is going on in the room? Is the furniture all white too? Do you have all blue and white vases? That will have an effect. Layering multiple textures and materials (like the bedroom in this picture) in various whites makes the most inviting rooms. And don’t forget white can be any material, wood, metal, glass, fabric, countertops (yum….Calcutta Gold marble!).

The best part is that white allows you to express yourself with objects that are personal to you, family photos, Italian mugs, your child’s lego sculptures (Rose!). So thank you Christian Grey…and mind you, I LOVE the color grey, but for now, let’s keep it simple, or at least (black) and white!

Image Credit: Ric Wallis/Busy Being Fabulous

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